Ayurveda in Parramatta: All that you need to know

Ayurveda is a complementary healing system that is well-recognized and practiced worldwide. It is based on the belief that good health depends on the balance between the body, mind, and spirit. It is a way of living that focuses on disease prevention and good health maintenance rather than curing and treating particular diseases.

People switching to Ayurveda in Parramatta must understand their unique body constitution and make lifestyle changes to strike the ideal balance for healthy living. Those who practice Ayurveda strive to create a healthy balance between their body, mind, and spirit by understanding their distinct body formation. Each individual has a unique constitution of mental, emotional, and physical characteristics that remains constant throughout their lifetime.

The imbalance can be caused due to various internal and external factors such as stress, diet, family and relationships, physical strains and trauma, etc. Once a person is able to understand these imbalances and their causes, they can make the necessary changes to their lifestyle and eating habits to regain balance. A continuous imbalance in the body is believed to be the root cause of any disease. Therefore, Ayurveda aims to strike and maintain the ideal balance in life to lead a healthy and disease-free life.

Balancing the principal body energies

Ayurveda believes that every human body is made up of five basic elements i.e. water, air, fire, space, and earth. And these elements constitute to form the three principal body energies that are essentially present in everything around us. These energies or life forces are responsible for the overall functioning of our bodies. The principal body energies are named and discussed as follows:

Vata Dosha – A composition of space and air. This energy is responsible for controlling the fundamental functions of the body such as cell division, mind control, breathing, blinking, blood circulation, intestinal functions, etc. A balanced Vata is expected to enhance creativity and flexibility whereas an imbalance can cause fear, anxiety, asthma, etc.

Pitta Dosha – A composition of fire and water. This energy usually controls the metabolism and other activities related to digestion, nutrition, and appetite. A balanced Pitta is expected to enhance understanding and intelligence whereas an imbalance can cause aroused anger, hatred, jealousy, etc.

Kapha Dosha – A composition of earth and water. This energy is responsible for managing muscle growth, stability, strength, weight, and the immune system. A balanced Kapha is expected to enhance the feelings of love and calmness whereas an imbalance can cause greed, envy, etc.

As per Ayurveda, these Doshas are the prime constituents in every human body that alters mental, physical, and spiritual health. Every human has these doshas in their body where one is primary, while the rest two are secondary and tertiary with minimum effect. However, an imbalance in these doshas is considered the cause of any disease in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatments like herbal medicines, yoga, and panchakarma in Parramatta aim to regain a balance between these to facilitate a healthy mind, body, and consciousness.

Ayurveda treatment options

A professional practitioner will assess your body thereby studying the unique body formation. This assessment usually involves a session on your health history, lifestyle choices, eating habits, etc., and examining various pulse points. Once the assessment is over, the practitioner is expected to figure out the primary dosha in your body and suggest changes, exercises, herbal intake, etc. accordingly.

As per Ayurveda in Parramatta, these treatment options are customized and aim to restore balance in the body. The following are some of the common treatments and activities prescribed after a thorough full-body check-up.

Ayurvedic Herbs & Medicines

Natural herbs and medicines have continued to be an essential part of ayurvedic treatments owing to their high nutritional value and healing potential. There are varied herbs and plants that are rich in oxidants and offer great benefits to the body and increase immunity.


Panchakarma is a complete body detox and purification that flushes out toxins through five therapies namely Vaman (induced emesis), Virechaman (induced purgation), Basti (medicated enema), Nasyam (usage of nasal drops), and Raktmokshanam (blood-letting through leech). You might be suggested for a Panchakarma in Parramatta to rejuvenate and enhance the healing potential of the body.

Diet & Lifestyle Modifications

Apart from ayurvedic medicines, massages, and panchakarma, diet and lifestyle play a vital role in managing one’s health and well-being. Hence, all ayurvedic treatments focus on diet and lifestyle modifications to keep the doshas in balance and keep a healthy body and mind. However, it is important to note that an ayurvedic diet differs from one person to another depending on their unique body formation (prakruti) and imbalance in the body (vikruti).

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Summing Up!

Switching to Ayurveda in Parramatta can enhance your living and health conditions to great extent. This is an alternative healing process that is not just confined to treating a particular disease or bodily disorder. Instead, Ayurveda promotes a healthy life by making essential eating and lifestyle changes. It is a continuous process of detoxifying and cleansing harmful toxins in the body thereby balancing the principal body energies.

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