Mixer Job Description

Coal mine mixers are responsible for the mixing of concrete and sprayed grout in the whole mine. The following editor will share with you the Mixer Job Description.

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  1. Welcome all leaders to inspect and guide the work of the mixing station. I am XXX, a mixer worker, and I will describe the work in this post below.
  2. Adhere to the policy of safe production, establish the idea of safety first, abide by labor discipline, stick to the job position, and operate according to the rules.
  3. Familiar with the safety technical operation procedures of the mixer, familiar with the structure, performance, operation, maintenance and other aspects of the mixer.
  4. Undertake the mixing task of the whole mine concrete and shotcrete.
  5. Check the operation of equipment on time, and report and deal with abnormal situations in time.
  6. Do a good job in various records, and do a good job in equipment and site civilized production.

Second, the performance of the operating equipment

The mixing station is equipped with a XX-type mixer, which is mainly used to provide concrete and sprayed grout for the mine. XX type mixer has a feed capacity of 2400L, a discharge capacity of 1500L, and a productivity of ≥75m3/h. Auxiliary equipment mainly includes concrete batching machine, screw conveyor, 100t bulk cement tank and other equipment.

Quality Standard Requirements

  1. The ratio of concrete and shotcrete meets the requirements.
  2. The equipment is in good condition.
  3. The area is clean and tidy.
  4. Hazards in this position
  5. Leakage of electrical equipment may cause electric shock accidents.
  6. Insufficient protection of exposed rotating and transmission parts may cause personal injury Lakeland Discount Code NHS.
  7. Sand and stones may fall, which may cause personal injury.
  8. The lifting wire rope breaks, which may cause personal injury.
  9. On-site transport vehicles may cause personal injury.

Safe operation confirmation

  1. The hoisting wire rope is in good condition, and the confirmation is completed.
  2. The batching machine has been loaded and confirmed.
  3. The belt conveyor is in good condition and the confirmation is complete.
  4. Blender is on, confirmed.
  5. The hoist is in good condition and the confirmation is complete.
  6. The screw conveyor is in good condition and the confirmation is complete.
  7. The water pump is in good condition, the water distribution valve has been opened, and the confirmation is completed.
  8. Work process of this position
  9. Participate in the pre-shift meeting → put on labor protection equipment → enter the post → hand over the shift on site → check the condition of the equipment in good condition → check the stock of materials → ingredients → mix the materials → load the car → fill in the records → prepare for the shift → hand over the shift on site.

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Stirring cup of homemade soy Milk

I want to drink soy milk, but I don’t have a soy milk machine, so I use a blender cup to make soy milk, the effect is the same, it’s delicious


  • 100g soybeans
  • 500ml water
  • White sugar appropriate amount


  1. Soak soybeans in cold water for one night. It is best to put them in the refrigerator in summer, otherwise they will go bad easily. This picture shows the soaked soybeans, each of which swells and becomes round and round
  2. Put the soaked soybeans into the blender, add an appropriate amount of water, turn on the switch and start stirring
  3. Filter the stirred soybean liquid into the milk pot
  4. Heat it on high heat, keep stirring to prevent sticking to the pot, and cook until it boils (the foam after boiling is easy to pop out, so keep it by the side at any time or turn to a low heat). Pour it into a bowl, and the steaming soy milk is ready

Precautions for glass rod stirring

Friends, do you all know the precautions for glass rod stirring? Today I will talk about it, I hope it can help everyone. best Kitchen King products in Pakistan Mixer Job Description.


  • glass rod
  • Strength


  1. Friends, first of all, we all need to know that glass rods are commonly used tools in chemical experiments. 
  2. Friends, when you are operating, don’t stir too hard, otherwise, the glass rod will break if there are pits during the operation.
  3. When you are stirring, don’t hit the wall and the bottom of the container. It is best to stir in one direction when stirring.


  1. When all of us are stirring, we must stir in one direction Mixer Job Description.
  2. We all don’t want to collide with the container wall and the bottom, which is easy to break.


  • Do not stir too vigorously so as not to break the container.
  • Glass rods are essential experimental supplies Mixer Job Description.

What is the mixing cup for

  1. What is the purpose of the mixing cup? As the name suggests, the mixing cup is to make the granules in the cup better stirred evenly
  2. The stirring form of the mixing cup will be different, but the principle is the same, that is, the liquid in the cup is stirred by electric means Ebay Discount Code NHS.
  3. Generally, it consists of a steering wheel and a cup. By charging or electrifying, the stirring wheel works to achieve rapid and uniform stirring of the liquid in the cup.
  4. In this way, when brewing coffee, milk powder, etc., start the stirring impeller, and the drink in the cup can be stirred evenly without agglomeration.

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