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Amazon Listing Optimization Services: Why It Is Important and How To Optimize

If you are a seller on Amazon, it is obvious for you to optimize your Amazon product listing in a timely sequence to boost your website traffic, sales, and product ranking. Products listings that are informative and persuasive have a better chance of success in the eCommerce business. If you want your product to rank high on Amazon search results, make sure you tap for Amazon Listing optimization services. This post will discuss how you can optimize your Amazon product listing and get better results than standard SEO practices.

But before digging deep, let’s take a quick review of what Amazon listing optimization is?  

What is Amazon Listing Optimization?

Amazon is one of the most popular eCommerce giants that has covered 52.4 percent of the total global retail e-commerce market share. It is one of the most favored platforms by retailers to do online business. This is because Amazon always brings excellent support for its retailers in the face of its services to enhance their business reach and profitability.

Among them, one is Amazon listing optimization services, which help businesses to keep their products on top. Amazon listing optimization is a process that is designed to upgrade the product pages in terms of their search visibility, conversion rate, click-through rate, and finally, generating more sales.

Amazon listing optimization solution further breaks down into essential components that help you with keyword discovery, optimizing image content, listing text, and increasing views. As an entrepreneur or a new beginner in a retail business, the most important thing you need to learn is that Amazon is highly dedicated to its buyers. It takes care of its buyers and keeps an eagle eye on the stuff selling to them. Hence, your one single mistake can put you at significant losses. Below we have jotted down a list of the components that play a vital role in making your Amazon listing optimization a considerable success.

  1. Product Title
  2. Product images
  3. Product description
  4. Search terms fields
  5. Product reviews
  6. Product rating

Important Amazon Listing Optimization Factors-

#1 Product Title

The title of a product always has a significant influence on every visitor or buyer’s purchasing decision; hence businesses must optimize their product title from time to time to get more clicks. Amazon comes with a limit of 250 characters for a title, and to make it more attractive and curious, many sellers go for below 200 characters. Always remember, a title with precise yet enough information has more chances of winning customer’s attention.

Here keywords play a significant role in making product titles searchable. Did you know that the product listing must contain searched keywords to make the product visible in the Amazon search? Without it, your customers cannot see your product in the lists. Therefore, keyword optimization is a must for sellers to understand what keywords they target and rank for. For that, you need to find the relevant keywords and add them with your product in strategic places. Once you’ve found the keywords, add all the relevant keywords on your product page and place the top 4-5 keywords in the product title.

Tips for an engaging product title-

  • Make sure it is descriptive and readable.
  • Only the first letter of the product should be capital.
  • No use of shortcut words, for instance, write “and” instead of “&.”
  • Never include price and quantity in the title.
  • No use of extra symbols, emojis.
  • No promotional pitch

As per Amazon best practices, ensure that your title should contain elements like- Brand, Material or critical feature, Product type, Product line, Color, Size, Quantity/Packaging.  

#2 Product Images

The first thing that customers pay attention to is the image of the product. It has a significant role in increasing your product’s conversion rates and click-through rates. Amazon has a concept of the main image along with additional images. It allows businesses to add up to nine images with a primary image. To enhance the product reach, make sure the main image explains the product well.

Amazon has a minimum requirement to use a white background for the images, making the product more attractive and easy to recognize. Besides, additional pictures are used for explaining the features, uses, benefits, or angles of the product. Hence, use high-quality images to highlight the distinguishing features of a product.  

Tips for optimizing product images-

  • Make sure it fulfils 85% of the image frame
  • It covers all the angles and perspective required by Amazon
  • It defines the context
  • Use of size ratios
  • File format should be JPEG (preferred), PNG, GIF, TIFF
  • Min. 1,000 pixels height or width
  • The main image should show the complete product with white background
  • Show the product being used or in a familiar environment.

#3 Product Description

A product description is the main section where you distinguish your products from your competitors, explaining why your product is best among all. Amazon allows the use of 2000 characters to show your product potential. Hence you need to mention all the necessary information in those limited characters. To make a winning product description, always choose short sentences that ultimately help your buyers to read it easily and get a quick understanding. A description consisting of a crisp introduction with generic keywords features with compelling bullet points, benefits, and use cases have always gained the attention of more eyes. Make sure that you implement all these essential factors that make your product description worthwhile.  

#4 Product Ratings and Reviews- 

Reviews and Ratings are also critical to enhancing the CTR and CR; the two factors that significantly influence these ratings and reviews are Amount and Stars. The reviews are the official proof that your product has quality and high standards, but getting reviews is not an easy task, especially for the new sellers on Amazon. So how do you get enough reviews on your product? To get more product reviews, you can use automated feedback services or run campaigns and promotions.

Similarly, Amazon has specific guidelines for ratings and reviews, which gives partial control to businesses to manage and control their reviews and ratings. Suppose a retailer receives any negative or neutral review for a product that does not lie under Amazon’s guidelines. In that case, retailers are free to ask Amazon to remove that particular review from their lists.  

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Final Words

Easy? We understand that selling a product is a bit scary, whether it is your first one or tenth. But it can be easy for you. Want to know how? In conclusion, Hire Amazon Virtual Assistants from Data4Amazon; we have a dedicated team of professionals who can audit your Amazon seller’s account and help you with the best optimizing services. I hope you find this post helpful on how you can optimize your Amazon listings. Competition is fierce, but with the proper optimization process, you can make your product stand out.

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