A Detailed Guide to Hire Flutter App Developers for Enterprise Product

Flutter, a cross-platform app development framework by Google, has created a buzz among businesses and app developers since its beta version launch in 2018. Wondering the reasons? Flutter offers a plethora of features that make it advantageous for mobile app developers, such as a single codebase, customizable UI, automated testing, faster development, and many more.

Considering these advantages, businesses are actively pursuing Flutter development services and migrating to the framework, which has created a spike in demand for flutter app developers. Another amazing fact is that Flutter is a framework and a complete SDK (software development kit) that covers everything you need to build high-performing and feature-rich cross-platform applications. This fact has made business giants like Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, and SpaceX recognize widespread Flutter usage in their popular applications.

Now, let’s understand in this blog why businesses should choose Flutter for product development and the top advantages of hiring a Flutter app development company.

Why is Flutter the most popular framework?

  • According to the recent StackOverflow survey, Flutter stands amongst the most-liked UI frameworks by 13.52% of professional developers.
  • Allow building mobile, web, and desktop applications from a single codebase.
  • In the year 2022, there will be over 500k+ apps built with Flutter due to its faster development and cost efficiency.
  • Flutter was developed with an object-oriented programming language called Dart, created by Google.
  • The technology uses a C++ rendering engine.
  • Offers excellent MVP (minimal viable product) features to validate your startup business idea.
  • Flutter’s extensive widgets library allows developers to build an app with a highly-intuitive look and feel.
  • Flutter has a wide global community of active developers.

Besides all of the amazing facts mentioned above, Flutter has attracted a broader community of developers since its release with these crucial advantages-

Key characteristics of Flutter app development

  • Advanced and smooth UI

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to grab customer attention through their app. The apps built using Flutter offer the most excellent and interactive user interface, making it an extremely demanding framework for product app development. With a range of tools and widgets available, Flutter becomes more adaptable and flexible in offering a great UI. Moreover, it has layered architecture for fast UI rendering, which results in more personalized and attractive designs.

  • Open-source packages support

Flutter comprises multiple open-source packages i.e., free and easy to use. This, as a result, accelerates app development speed. These are some of the widely-used open-source packages of Flutter-

  • Google Fonts: Offering 1000+ Google fonts to use.
  • Location: To easily track the geographical location of devices.
  • Url_launcher: Launches relative or absolute URLs on your Android and iOS devices.
  • Dio is a powerful HTTP client for DART, the client-optimized language.
  • Hot reload for instant updates

Flutter has a hot reload feature that enhances development productivity with quick iterations and allows for updates without a long time. Whenever developers make any changes in the code, they can see the changes in real-time. This reduces the development time by fixing any encountered error immediately, without restarting the whole thing.

  • High app performance

When it comes to app performance, many factors are responsible for it, such as average response time, CPU usage, number of requests per second, number of frames per second, and many more. Flutter offers 60 fps or 120 fps performance on every device if it has 120Hz updates (for 120 fps). Consequently, your app screen can display a smooth picture. Therefore, the Flutter app works seamlessly and faster on every device without interruption. 

  • Faster time-to-market

Flutter offers app developers to develop iOS and Android apps in a single code which takes less time than native apps. The common codebase enables faster product release and helps increase the time to market. Moreover, the declarative API offered by Flutter for UI development drastically enhances performance.

  • Rapid development process

Flutter is widely popular among developers because of its fast app development approach. For example, you can have your product wireframe ready for testing in less than a month.

When you hire experienced Flutter app developers in India, they will help you release products rapidly, letting you reach target audiences via multiple platforms with interactive user experience.

Why should enterprises hire Flutter developers?

In today’s competitive world, mobile apps have gained momentum, and enterprises are also shifting towards developing custom and user-friendly enterprise apps for their businesses. However, the right set of tools and expertise is necessary; thus, hiring Flutter app developers is a perfect and cost-effective solution. For your next idea, let’s look at the benefits of hiring a Flutter app developer-

  • Advanced consulting and assistance by experts to deliver quality-driven software products and apps to enterprises.
  • Android or iOS app migration to Flutter apps, easy upgradation, and full-time support.
  • Making future-ready apps by integrating advanced technologies, including AI and machine learning.
  • Complete security for enterprise apps built using Flutter along with customers’ data privacy.
  • App maintenance post-launch, fix errors and bugs to offer intuitive user experiences. 
  • Constant checks and regular updates per the current market trends in software development.

Factors to consider when you choose a Flutter app developer 

Before you hire Flutter app developers in India for your project, here are the essential factors you need to consider:

Responsibilities of a Flutter developer

  • The developers build cross-platform applications from scratch and add essential features as per the customized requirements.
  • Perform automated and manual tests to analyze the app’s performance.
  • Follow standard coding practices and guidelines to write clean and readable code.
  • Utilize the latest technologies in Flutter development for app architecture improvements.
  • Following the latest trends to exceed market expectations.
  • Take complete ownership of the final product development and delivery within a given timeframe.

Must-have technical skills to watch out for in a Flutter app developer

While selecting the Futter developers, these are the top skills you must look for-

1. Understanding of Native Programming Languages 

The developers should understand and have knowledge of one app development platform by native code, such as Kotlin for Android or Swift for iOS. Their expertise is necessary to utilize Flutter’s best functionalities and features.

2. Excellent Command on Dart Language

Officially launched by Google, Dart is an object-oriented programming language used in Flutter. Therefore, any app development project of Flutter demands Dart expertise. Dart is used for server development, mobile, desktop, and web development which makes it a necessity for developers to be proficient in this language.

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3. SQLite Proficiency

One widely used database engine is SQLite, which stores continuous data and loads whenever required.  Thus, you must select Flutter app developers with experience in SQLite and especially when you have a large amount of data to deal with. This platform also allows developers to manage multiple framework development settings.

4. Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) Knowledge

IDEs play an important role when you need to build a cross-platform app as it provides debugging support. For developers building enterprise applications, IDE combines the developer tools’ capabilities into a full-fledged UI. Therefore, flutter app developers need to be skilled in using popular IDEs, such as Android Studio, Visual Studio, and more.

5. Knowledge of Version Control Tools

Flutter developers should be well-versed in version control tools and technologies like Git, GitHub, and Bitbucket. These tools are also crucial in keeping track of changes and modifications applied to the project with utmost precision. Moreover, they promote active collaboration among developers and maximize productivity.

6. Flutter DevTools Experience

You will also need to ensure that developers have worked with Flutter DevTools. For the execution of the project, this web suite performs debugging, performance checks, and memory inspection. Ask if the developers can work within a specific timeline and how they analyze the time utilized to render all widgets.

Summing Up

Choosing Flutter for your next product development can be extremely beneficial for startups and established companies due to the multiple benefits of this SDK and its extensive library, offering diverse options to build robust cross-platform applications quickly. 

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