The Magic of Storytime: Best Books for Kindergarten Kids

Reading has a significant impact on the intellectual development of a child. It helps improve their language skills, develops strong cognitive skills, and improves imaginative powers many fold. IBDP schools put a lot of emphasis on the significance of reading and conduct various activities around it to build student interest. 

Before you start browsing for the English kindergarten near me, read stories to your child to make him inclined towards reading.

For all the parents, the most crucial question is which books will be right for their kindergarteners. What kind of stories can they read to their child to leave a positive impact on them? To help sort out this confusion, we have listed the best books for kindergarten kids that can contribute to making them avid readers. 

Best Books for Kindergarten Kids

The King of Kindergarten

This book gives a positive perspective of a child’s day at kindergarten. It portrays the entire day and speaks about playtime, kind teachers, recess, and everything the child will get to do at school. The best part of the book is the captivating illustrations that will catch all the attention.

The Queen of Kindergarten

The story is about a girl named MJ, who is excited about her first day at school. Her mother tells her how being the queen is not about wearing a tiara but about being kind and compassionate. There are instances of how MJ is kind and loving towards her classmates and how her first day went wonderful. It is a joyous story for any child beginning her schooling journey. 

Just Itzy

This book is an amalgamation of all nursery rhymes, songs, and stories in a hilarious format. It is about Itzy going to school and the adventures he comes across on the way. How he chased a fly and accidentally got swallowed by an old lady. The lady then coughed him back out and various other funny instances. The idea of the book is to improve the imaginative power of children. 

Your Name is a Song

It is a beautiful story that teaches the first lesson of self-love. Kora’s teacher couldn’t pronounce her name, and the kids made fun of her. Her mother then taught her the beauty in her name. She taught her how every name is a song, and she sends Kora back to school with confidence and a smile! 

How to Apologize

A gentle way to teach children how to accept their mistakes and apologise is reading ‘How to Apologize’. This book can help children learn to be sincere and school and not do irresponsible activities. As the book is for young minds, it has stories of how apologies turned funny. The famous IBDP schools use such books to teach the most significant life lessons effortlessly to their students.

That Fruit is Mine

Every international Tokyo school puts a lot of emphasis on developing the right skills at the kindergarten level. One of the personality traits that children can learn from this book is sharing and cooperation. It revolves around an elephant failing to get a fruit from the tree while a group of mice working together got it in no time.

Wemberly Worried

This book helps develop a strong emotional quotient in children. The story revolves around Wembley, who worries about every big and small thing in life and how everything turns out fine.

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The list of books you can introduce to your little one is never-ending. The right way to pick one is to decide the learning experience you want to give and consider the child’s age. You can seek suggestions from their teachers and ensure you buy different books than the ones they are already reading at school. Know that you only need to put effort into this phase. Once your child starts enjoying it, he will get excited for each story session.

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