Hello Kitty Easy Drawings For 11 Year Olds | Tutorial

Hello Kitty Easy Drawings For 11 Year Olds | Tutorial

Easy Drawings For 11 Year Olds To Do Since his first appearance in 1926, Winnie the Pooh and his friends have brought smiles to people of all ages. Since then, Easy Drawings For 11 Year Olds has had many appearances in the media and has become even more well-known due to his Disney character.

Drawing of a Hello Kitty

Although many of Pooh’s friends are held in the same high regard as he is, the endearing Piglet is likely the most well-known and loved of all.

If you are a fan of this clumsy little pig, learning how to sketch Piglet should bring you great pleasure. If you want to accomplish that, you should follow this instruction because we will guide you through each step of the required process.

As we get started on this in-depth tutorial on how to draw Piglet in just 6 easy stages, we want to take a moment to wish you lots of fun while you’re working on this well-known character.

How to Begin Drawing a Piglet and Have Fun Doing It!


  • To begin our step-by-step guide on sketching Piglet, we will start with the head and the ears in this first stage. His skull will be portrayed as having two distinct parts with a round shape.
  • Make an effort to imitate the shape of his head as it is depicted in the reference picture!
  • After that, we will hand over his skull to them and give them his ears. Each ear will have a rounded foundation that will taper into a point at the top.
  • Before moving on to the guide’s second stage, you can add two curved lines near the top of his face. These lines will symbolize his eyebrows and should be drawn in a curved shape. After drawing all of these components, we’ll move on to the next portion.


  • Now draw his limbs and torso. 3: You’re almost done!
  • In the second level of your drawing of Piglet, the little fellow will receive a body and some limbs.
  • Piglet’s demeanour is frequently described as being hesitant, and we intend to convey this trait through the position we have him assume.
  • A curved line will show that his midsection continues behind him into the background. You can make him appear timider by angling his head about his torso, as demonstrated in the picture that serves as a reference.
  • The concluding step is to bring his rounded arms behind his back and clasp them together.


  • The next step is to draw sketches of his thighs.
  • As we proceed with this Piglet drawing instruction, the next step will be giving him his legs.
  • As we discussed in the section before this one, he is posed to give the impression that he is somewhat timid, and the positioning of his legs will represent this aspect of his appearance.
  • His knees will be turned inward toward one another, and his quadriceps will be portrayed as long and slender with rounded, angled ends.
  • There is nothing else to discuss, so I’d like to proceed to the following portion with you when you are ready.


  • Describe the features of his face in your drawing.
  • We will include the endearing visage of Piglet in this stage because the drawing would not be complete without it.
  • Draw two very small black marks for his eyes, and move the spaces between them up a bit. After that, draw a curved line connecting them with his round snout attached to the end of it.
  • To illustrate the grin on his face, draw additional curled lines emanating from the centre of his forehead.
  • Before you add the final few details in the following section, you can further emphasize his features by drawing a few horizontal lines beneath his eyes. This can be done before you add the details in the following section.
  • After that, you can move forward with the remaining matters we discussed!


  • Put the concluding touches on your drawing of a piglet by adding in the final details.
  • In this fifth and final stage of our Piglet drawing tutorial, you will add the concluding touches before moving on to the stage that covers Piglet’s final drawing.
  • To add these, all you should have to do is sketch some curved horizontal lines across his torso. That should be all there is to it. After you have finished drawing these, you are ready to move on to the next level and colour him.
  • Before we move on to the final portion, you can share any information with us. For example, you could sketch some more Winnie the Pooh characters or a lovely background featuring Piglet.
  • What other details might you think it would be appropriate to include in this irresistibly cute illustration of yours?


  • Finish the drawing of Piglet by giving it some colour with the markers.
  • The following step, which involves adding charming colours, will complete your painting of Piglet.
  • Although Piglet isn’t known for using various colours in his designs, his colour pattern is still very recognizable. The look we were aiming for in this direction is represented by him in that he is pink in various shades.
  • If you want him to look precisely the same as he does in the movies, you can use the image we have provided as a guide or use your colours to create a unique Piglet variant.
  • After choosing the colours you want to work with, you can then select the art materials you need.
  • Watercolours would be the best medium to use if your goal is to create artwork reminiscent of the look of movies; however, if you’d rather experiment with watercolour and coloured marker art, you can do that too.
  • What hues do you plan to use to add some flair to this adorable picture?

Four Additional Ways To Make Your Piglet Drawing Special:

  • Use these suggestions for your Piglet sketch to spend time with this adorable figure!
  • Piglet is depicted in this drawing in a straightforward but typical posture for this reserved character. You could draw him in a variety of poses once you get the idea of it!
  • To draw these additional poses, you could seek images online if you needed some assistance. He might appear more anxious or even more eager.
  • To add some variation, what kinds of poses would you like to design for Piglet?
  • In the tales in which he appears, Piglet enjoys hanging out with his friends, and you could also include them in this drawing! Winnie the Pooh would be the logical first addition.

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