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Why an Acai Berry Cleanse Is a Potentially Dangerous Trend

When you hear acai berries, the first thing that comes to mind is a shiny, pompous smoothie arena. 

 Due to its superfood properties, this vibrant berry has become a celebrity chef for nutritious breakfasts and lunches. You may also have heard of a product called the acai berry cleanse, which involves supplementing with acai as a  weight loss tactic. Despite the hype surrounding the acai berry, it’s elegant to skip this particular cleansing step. 

 Registered dietitian alexis supan, rd, breaks down what you need to know about this cleanse.  

How does acai berry cleaning work?  

Contrary to what the name cures mean, the acai berry cure doesn’t involve eating acai berries. It involves taking store-bought supplements over some time, depending on the brand. 

 To illustrate, some brands are tablets that you take for two weeks or even every day. Buy Ranitidine and Ivermectin For Sale Another comes in the form of a detox drink, which you drink for a few days. However, they’re talking about supplementing a few times a day for a few weeks,” says Supan, “If someone is talking about cleansing the acai berry. 

 Like many other face washes, the acai berry cleanser claims to free your body of toxins in the time you do so. The suction cup of this cleaner claims that it can help reduce effects like bloating, and weight loss, and regulate bowel movements. But there is no scientific exploration to support these claims. 

  Acai berry cleaning companies and cons 

 Another concern is that these supplements are unregulated, so you can’t be sure what you’re taking is completely safe or helpful for your health. “they are quite important, gently tailored to each type,” says Supan. “and of all the supplements  I have seen, acai berry is just one of them. ” 

  So do some of the companies you need to know about acai cleaning. 

 Dangerous ingredients 

 Although the acai berry is well-characterized in terms of nutritional value, the supplements mentioned do not contain such a wide variety of berries. But what they contain can be cause for concern. Most of these supplements contain large amounts of a laxative, a medicine used to relieve constipation in the short term. “acai cleaners contain a  laxative, unlike merchandise like Benefiber ® or some other popular coprolite silencers,” says Susan. 

 “acute laxatives only dehydrate you. And it’s really dangerous to take it for a week. You can play with your electrolytes. ” 

  Dangers of breastfeeding 

 However, cleansing acai is downright dangerous, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. One common ingredient that these acai berry supplements contain is cascara sagrada – an herbal laxative. Studies have shown it can cause serious harm when it enters the mother’s milky bones. 

 “This particular type of laxative can be really dangerous for nursing mothers,” Supan warns. “not because of the inevitable effect on the mother, but on the child. So you want to avoid these effects if you are breastfeeding. ” 


 In general, you should not perform any form of cleansing while pregnant or breastfeeding. However, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider or gynecologist to find a healthy outcome, if you experience nausea or constipation. 

  Can mask other healthcare companies 

 You may have seen the before and after dosing prints of this cleanser claiming that it reduces bloating. And while this supplement may temporarily relieve bloating, Supan points out that this may not be a good thing. 

 “It’s like dressing a crack without addressing the cause of the crack. ” 

  Any habitual bloating you get may be due to some dietary dogmatism. In other words, you may be sensitive to things like gluten or dairy. Supan recommends working with your healthcare provider or dietitian to determine which foods are causing your symptoms. 

 Can disrupt your gut microbiome 

 You’re probably following your instincts by cleaning like this. 

 “the more we study the gut microbiome over time, the more we know that gut health is important to your overall health,” says Supan. “so by taking this supplement to cover up bloating, you’re just reversing the serious problem. ” 

  Supan explains that a healthy gut microbiome requires a delicate balance of good bacteria. You keep those bacteria in check by eating a healthy diet that doesn’t feel broken down. She continued: “There is a good chance that if you take a supplement that has ingredients that you don’t know enough about, it can start to disturb those good bacteria. “And you’re causing more problems than you originally were without it. ” 

  Does acai berry cleanser help with weight loss?  Short answer not really. 

  Long answer? It may make you think you’re losing weight, but in reality, it won’t be sustainable. Supan explains that because these supplements contain different types of laxatives, they act like a quieter coprolite and make you go to the bathroom more often. This can lead to rapid weight loss, which can harm your health. Supan adds that you can get that weight back in no time. 

 “you take laxatives that dehydrate you. So you import less for a few weeks,” notes Supan. “but the reason is that you’re on a laxative, which isn’t necessarily the safest thing. ” 

  Supan emphasizes that weight loss should be a slow process to be sustainable and healthy.  

 Healthy ways to lose weight 

 The hard truth is that there is no way to lose weight. It largely depends on many factors such as your metabolism and medical history. But Supan says this small path can make a big difference. 

“I encourage people to find two simple changes you can make to improve your diet. Start there and do it too. It will lose weight more slowly, but it will be another long-term bone. ” 

  There are many healthier reasons to lose weight, including 


 Switch to healthy snacks. Choose young carrots at snack time instead of high-sugar granola or gourmet bars. Sometimes it’s not the radical way that makes the difference, but the small progressive bones. Try a different Mediterranean-style diet. However, this diet is recommended by many if you want a simple design that includes healthier foods in your mind. It includes a good balance of alternative proteins, whole grains, and vegetables that help keep your weight in check and the rest of your body healthy. Keep a light exercise routine. While exercise is only part of the weight loss mystery, staying active can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Aim to do about 150 cardio sessions per week (so you’re watching about 30 per day for five days). A brisk walk or bike ride with a friend every day can help. Benefits of acai berries 

 Acai berries are healthy fruits; however, further exploration is needed to understand whether claims of specific health benefits – from fighting aging to improving sleep to reducing arthritis – are supported by wisdom. 

 “These are great fruits to include in your diet,” says Susan. “They’re really like all the other berries. Nutritionally, they’re probably the closest to raspberries, and they’re a  bit lower in sugar – they’re just a few grams. ” 

  But you’re better off eating a smoothie instead of taking a pesky supplement. 

 However, there are plenty of other fruits and berries to add to your rotation, like 

 If that’s the antioxidant you’re looking for. Cranberry. Smell. Blueberry. Blackberries. Goji berries. Lowest line? Forgot to clean the acai 

 It’s easy to get excited when you see a new trend in your social media feed. But Supan says the acai cleanse is generally not recommended as a healthy detox that you should try. Due to the risk of hygroscopicity, electrolyte imbalance, and possible harm to nursing mothers, this cleansing process involves supplements that you want to avoid. However, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider or dietitian. Want to find healthy weight loss options?


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