Top 20 Amazing Places to Visit in Makkah

Makkah is the most worldwide planned city in Saudi Arabia that holds a place of dominant importance in the life of every Muslim. While many places are extremely recognized but Makkah is considered the Abode of Allah. With the world’s population of estimated 2 million Muslims traveling each year to do Hajj and Umrah to this sacred place, Makkah has always been the dream destination of every trusting Muslim who desires to go on this religious visit.

Makkah is the core of the Islamic world, the framework of religiousness, and the holiest land in the world for Muslims. The sacred mission of Prophet Mohammad SAW and the Islamic progress began from the hilly land of Makkah. Later then, the place greets millions of hajjis from every corner of the world. The Top 20 amazing places in Makkah can visit by availing of Cheap Umrah Packages.

1-Kabah – The House of Allah in Makkah:

The most famous place on earth by Muslims, there is no other spot as blessed as the sacred Kabah. Adam (AS) was first ordained by Allah to shape this place in the appearance of the house of heaven. The Kabah that we know was constructed by Ibrahim (AS) along with his son Ismael (AS).

2-The Makkah Mall is ideal:

This shopping mall is ideal for those who desire to engage in expensive shopping, dining, and an atmosphere of fun for the family. It is the most wide-range shopping center in Makkah which compromises an extensive variety of shopping brands, supermarkets, and restaurants providing an ultimate and irreplaceable shopping practice to the buyers.


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the first revelation of the Quran in the Cave of Hira. The Cave of Hira is minor in size, around 4 meters in length and one and a half meters in width.

4-Muzdalifah in Makkah:

Situated in the province of Makkah, Muzdalifah is the valley in the middle of Mina and Arafat covering an area of 12.25 square kilometers. After spending the day at Arafat on 9th Dhu’al Hijjah, hajjis leave for Muzdalifah in Makkah after sunset without offering Maghrib salah. They stop over the night in open-air, sleeping in the ground and waking up early for fajr prayers.

5-Mount Arafat in Makkah:

Mount Arafat Also known as Jabal-Ar-Rahmah or the Mount of Mercy, Mount Arafat is a hill in the valley of Arafat outside Makkah where Prophet (PBUH) gave his last address after completing Hajj. It is obligatory for hajjis to leave Mina and reach Mount Arafat on 9th Dhu’al Hijjah and pass the day in praying, doing Dhik’r, and asking for mercy from Allah (SWT). Standing in Arafat is a necessary part of Hajj and it is considered unacceptable if a haji fails to reach here.

6-Mina City:

Mina is a valley 7 km east of Makkah where Hajj travelers stay the full night on 8th, 11th, 12th, and some even on 13th Dhu’al Hijjah. More than 100,000 air-conditioned tents provide a place to the hajjis during Hajj which is why it is also famous as the tent city. There are isolated tents for men and women.

7-Birr Tuwa near Makkah:

Birr Tuwa is the place where the Prophet (PBUH) goes camping one night during the defeat of Makkah and bathed from its water the next morning to perform salah before ingoing Makkah. Today, it is a part of Makkah and famous as Jarwal.


An essential part of the Hajj, Jamarat is the group of three stone pillars that are bombarded by the hajjis imitating Prophet Ibrahim (AS). The pillars symbolize the three positions where Ibrahim (AS) bombarded stone at Shaitan when he tried to put off him from sacrificing his son.


Situated in a valley east of the Masjid al-Haram near the Masjid Jinn, Jannat-ul-Mu’alla is the old graveyard in Makkah where several members of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) family and his friends are buried.

10-Jabal al Nour:

This well-known spot is also recognized as “The Mountain of Light”. Jabal-al-Nour has a cave that holds supreme importance in Islam because Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) consumed a lot of time meditating here and also received his first revelation from Allah through Jibreel (AS) inside the cave.

11-The mosque of the Jinn:

The mosque of the Jinn is a mosque in Makkah, situated near Jannat Al-Mualla. It is also famous as the Mosque of Allegiance and the Mosque of Guards. The mosque is constructed at a place where a group of Jinn assembled one night to hear the recitation of the Holy Quran. Prophet (PBUH) represented the line for his friend Abdullah bin Masood (may Allah be pleased with him) to sit after he was ordered by Allah to recite Quran to the Jinns.

12-Al Wahba Crater:

Located in a desert, this huge crater is located northeast of the city of Makkah. The cave bottom fills with water in the rainy season and turns into a pan of salt when the water vaporizes in the summer. The surrounding area had witnessed a large amount of volcanic activity and hence the sandy plains close to the cave consist mostly of volcanic ash.

13-Restaurants in Clock Tower:

Clock Royal Tower is well-known for its distinctive and full-service dining settings. There are different segments in the restaurant offering different ranges of cuisines. Whether you are looking for a warm evening, family dinner, or a large social gathering, it satisfies everyone and offers a range of dining- settings.

14-Masjid Al-Mashaer:

Al-Mashar Al-Haram Mosque, located in Muzdalifah, is the sacred site where hajjis stay the night after returning from Arafat. The mosque was reconstructed and was extended over time. Located on the way between Masjid al-Khayf in Mina and Masjid al-Nimrah in Arafat, this mosque symbols the spot where Prophet (PBUH) stayed and appealed during his farewell journey.

15-Masjid-e-Aisha (RA):

Mosque Aisha, also well-known as Masjid al-Taneem is the place where Ummul-Mumineen Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) went to enter into Ihram for Umrah when the Prophet (PBUH) ordered her to do so during the Hajj exit time.

16-Thour Mountain in Makkah:

Tour Mountain lies to the south of Makkah. It is a pebbly and unfruitful hill in the southern direction of Makkah and its height is about 761 meters above sea level. This mountain comprises Thour cave, in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his friend Abu Bakar hid from the Kuraish tribe for three days. A tree matured up in front of the cave, dove prepared a nest on it and laid eggs. A spider spread its web over the cave’s opening to protect Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from his opponents. This places has its own value to be in the places to visit in Makkah once while you’re there.

17-Al Kiswa Factory in Makkah:

Kiswa is the cloth that protections the Kabah and Kiswa Factory is the place where this cloth is prepared each year. The factory is situated on Old Makkah Jeddah Road. During the Hajj the new Kiswa is provided to the Chief Gatekeeper of the Holy Mosque.

18-Birthplace of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

 Makkah Al Mukarrama library is the place where Prophet Muhammad was born on the 12th of Rabi ul Awal. The library is surrounded by walking distance of Masjid Al Haram.

19-Mount Abu Qubais in Makkah:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) implemented the miracle of splitting the moon into two halves at Mount Abu Qubais.

20-Masjid Al Khayf in Makkah:

It is located in the south of Mina in close approximation to Jamarat. It is said that seventy Prophets offered prayer in this mosque due to which every hajji loves to visit this sacred place. Its the one of the places to visit in Makkah.

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