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Roller Shutter Repairs London: Common Problems And Their Fixes

Your business needs a roller shutter if you want to keep it safe. They are cheap and durable and work well in warehouses, retail shops, offices, banks, and even homes. But like any technology, it sometimes needs to be maintained or, in the worst case, fixed.

Roller Shutter Repairs Common Issues

Are you getting headaches because of your roller shutter? We’ll look at some of the most common reasons you need roller shutter repair in London and how to fix them.

Power Source:

If you can believe it, most roller shutter repairs involve power. This is especially true in industrial sheds, where the lights and power are turned off during the shift. So, before you worry about anything important, look for the power source that connects to it and make sure it’s on. If there’s no power, all you have to do is turn it on. This will save you a lot of time that you would have spent looking for other, more complicated roller shutter problems.


The motor may get too hot if your roller shutters have been working all day or used a lot in the last few hours. Depending on whether the engine damage is temporary or permanent, this could be one of the easiest or one of the most challenging roller shutter problems to fix. Try not using roller shutters for a while to see if that helps. When the motor is turned off, give it time to cool down and return to its average temperature. Try the roller shutters again once the motor has cooled down. If they work, great! The problem is solve! If they don’t, the heat may have hurt the engines, and you will need to call for emergency shutter repairs in London.


If something is blocking the tracks and rails of your roller shutters, this could be the reason why they won’t work. Dirt build-up on the tracks or junk on the rails can stop your shutters from opening and closing or make them move in a bumpy, noisy way. Also, dirt and dust can cause the proximity sensors to only open halfway if they get in the way. This kind of roller shutter problem is easy to avoid: check the tracks and rails of your shutters often and clean them to make the shutters work conveniently.

roller shutter repairs
roller shutter repairs

Structure Of Shutters:

You should also check your equipment often for dents or other damage. In busy places like factories or industrial complexes, your shutters are more likely to get damage by accident and stop working. These dents can also be caused by vandalism or attempt to break in. If these are your shutter problems, you can use a hammer to remove the dents. But if you don’t think you can do it right or find bigger problems, like cracks or dents, it might be best to call a pro for shutter repairs. One of the most common problems with roller shutters is that they get stuck because they don’t have enough grease. So, if you’re making a list of things to avoid roller shutter problems, add this: spray the rails of your equipment with lubricant spray as often as possible.

Motor Failure:

Motors can break down at any time, and this is a common problem with roller shutters. Service can help the motor last longer and find problems early so they fix. If the motor stops working all the way, you might have to buy a new one.

Sensor Problems: 

If you have trouble with the shutter opening but not closing, it could mean that the sensor is broken. It’s often caused by the rubber strip at the bottom of the shutter wearing down. It can get stiff as it wears down over time. It might help to fix or replace the rubber strip. Problems with sensors can sometimes fix by putting in new batteries.

Coding Issues:

Code clashes are one of the most common shutter problems. It can happen when two roller shutters are close to each other and have the same code. The shutters won’t work because of a code clash, which a professional can only fix. Don’t wait: call a roller shutter repair expert right away. Also, even though code is simple, forgetting it is one of the hardest things about it. If the code doesn’t work, you should first try to get in touch with someone else who has access to the shutter so you can make sure you’re using the correct code.

Emergency Chain: 

The emergency chain is there to help you if your shutters stop working or something unexpected happens to them. Since the emergency chain is something you use only sometimes, it needs to checked all the time to make sure it’s still working. To do this, you must pull the emergency release chain, and your door should open. If not, you should see if there are any problems with it. Also, even though code is simple, forgetting it is one of the hardest things about it.

Emergency Shutter Repairs In London:

There may come a time when your shutter stops working, and you need a quick fix. If you have a motorized shutter, you can manually override the switch to help you get in or out of your home or business. If you can’t use the roller shutter and waiting to fix it would be dangerous, you should call a professional. A roller shutter expert can come to your home to look at the shutter, talk to you about your options, and decide whether it can be fixed immediately or needs more work. It’s important to know that industrial and commercial roller shutter doors are considered machinery and should be serviced every six months to make sure they work well and safely. Now that you know the most common problems with roller shutters, don’t be afraid to call Barking Shutters. Our team is ready to quickly fix any roller shutter repair in London so you can return to your regular schedule. Get in touch!

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