How to See Your YouTube Comment History?

Have you ever wondered how to find your YouTube comment history? Whether you want to revisit a specific comment you made on a video or simply keep track of your engagement on the platform, accessing your YouTube comment history can be quite useful.

In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of seeing your YouTube comment history and provide valuable insights on managing and optimizing it.

Importance of YouTube Comment History

YouTube comment history serves as a digital footprint of your interactions on the platform. It allows you to revisit conversations, engage with others, and keep track of your own contributions.

By having access to your comment history, you can reference discussions, gather feedback, or even delete or edit comments if needed.

Understanding how to find and manage your YouTube comment history is essential for users who want to stay organized and maintain a positive presence on the platform.

Step 1: Accessing YouTube History

To begin, you need to access your YouTube history. Open your preferred web browser and go to the YouTube website. Sign in to your YouTube account by clicking on the “Sign In” button located in the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: Locating Comment History

Once you are signed in, navigate to the YouTube homepage. Look for the three horizontal lines (also known as the hamburger menu) in the top left corner of the screen. Click on it to open the main menu.

Step 3: Viewing Comment History

In the main menu, scroll down and locate the “History” option. Click on it to access your YouTube history page. Here, you will find a chronological list of your activities on YouTube, including videos watched, searches made, and playlists created.

Step 4: Filtering Comment History

To specifically view your comment history, you can use the filtering options available on the YouTube history page. Look for the “Filter” button, usually located above the list of activities. Click on it to reveal the filtering options.

Step 5: Deleting or Editing Comments

If you wish to delete or edit a comment from your YouTube comment history, you can do so by locating the specific comment in the list and taking appropriate action. Click on the three vertical dots or the edit icon next to the comment to access the options.

Benefits of Managing Comment History

Managing your YouTube comment history offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to maintain an organized record of your interactions.

This can be particularly useful if you frequently engage in discussions or provide valuable insights through comments.

Additionally, managing your comment history enables you to review your own comments for self-improvement or monitor any potential inappropriate activity on your account.

Privacy Considerations

While accessing and managing your YouTube comment history can be beneficial, it’s important to consider privacy implications.

Always be mindful of the content and information you share through your comments. If you have concerns about privacy, you can explore YouTube’s privacy settings to adjust the visibility of your comment history or even disable it altogether.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Sometimes, users may encounter issues while trying to access or view their YouTube comment history. If you experience any problems, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies.
  2. Disable any browser extensions or plugins that may interfere with YouTube.
  3. Update your browser to the latest version.
  4. Try accessing your comment history from a different device or browser.

If the issue persists, you can reach out to YouTube support for further assistance.


In conclusion, your YouTube comment history plays a vital role in keeping track of your interactions and contributions on the platform. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can easily access and manage your YouTube comment history.

Remember to maintain a respectful and positive presence in your comments, and be mindful of your privacy settings. Enjoy exploring your comment history and engaging with the vibrant YouTube community!


Q1: Can I see comments I’ve deleted from my YouTube comment history?

A1: No, once you delete a comment from your YouTube comment history, it will no longer be visible to you or others. Deleted comments are permanently removed from the platform.

Q2: Is there a limit to how far back I can view my YouTube comment history?

A2: YouTube retains your comment history for an extended period, allowing you to access older comments. However, there might be practical limitations based on the volume of your comment activity.

The exact timeframe for which your comment history is available may vary and depends on various factors such as the number of comments made and the duration of your YouTube account.

Q3: Can I export my YouTube comment history?

A3: Currently, YouTube does not provide an official feature to export your comment history. However, you can manually copy and save your comments if desired.

This can be done by selecting and copying the text of your comments individually or using browser extensions or third-party tools specifically designed for exporting YouTube comments.

Keep in mind that any exported comments will be in plain text format and won’t retain any formatting or media content associated with them.

Q4: Will editing or deleting a comment affect its visibility on the video?

Editing a comment will update its content while deleting a comment will remove it entirely. Both actions will reflect in the comment section of the respective video.

If you edit a comment, the updated version will be visible to others. However, if you delete a comment, it will no longer be visible to you or other viewers. It’s important to note that deleting or editing a comment does not impact the visibility or availability of the video itself.

Q5: Can I view my comment history on the YouTube mobile app?

A5: Yes, you can access your YouTube comment history through the mobile app. To do so, open the YouTube app on your mobile device and sign in to your YouTube account.

Then, tap on your profile picture or the menu icon (usually three horizontal lines) to open the main menu. From there, navigate to the “History” section, and you will find your comment history along with other activities.

You can browse through your comments, view, edit, or delete them as needed, directly from the YouTube mobile app.

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